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Buttermilk Extreme

Allyn Harvey

Following Episode 2 of The Longest Run, our brave star Roger grabbed a bus back to town, hobbled home to his condo and, thankfully, jumped in his Jacuzzi. Just what his aching legs needed.

As readers will recall, Roger ended his day with the longest run he could find down Aspen Highlands. His quest started at the top of the world and ended only after he had traversed across the mountain ” it felt like he traversed around the world ” on his trusty snowboard, Silver.

Today, in Episode 3 of The Longest Run, Roger embarks on perhaps the most challenging of tasks ” finding the longest run on Buttermilk.

According the official trail map, the longest run down Buttermilk is three miles, the same length as the longest official run down Aspen Mountain.

Roger’s brow crinkles when he reads that factoid. “What the?” he spits, before loading the Summit Express lift to the top of the mountain and the Cliffhouse Restaurant.

After stopping in to exchange niceties with the lovely Natalie, an employee at the Cliffhouse, Roger, on skis today, pushes himself down Homestead Road.

And that’s pretty much the story of the day. Roger pushes, skates, walks and occasionally skis his way down Homestead Road, which winds its way from the Cliffhouse into the edge of West Buttermilk, then back across to the main section of the mountain. The road skirts Lovers Lane, aka The Toilet Bowl, joins Savo briefly before brushing up against the Crazy T’rain terrain park and turning back to the middle.

The road keeps on keepin’ on until it deposits our hero at the bottom of the lift. Roger, not sure he’s skied three miles, rides back up and tries it again, starting again with Homestead Road but taking a (skier’s) right on Buckskin, then a left on to Sterner Catwalk then right again to the Oregon Trail, which takes our hero to the bottom of Tiehack.

“Now that’s a run,” Roger says to himself.

Stay tuned to The Longest Run for the fourth and final episode: “The Wart Head Wall.”


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