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Buttermilk double-pipe in Aspen on NBC Saturday

Staff report

Locals and visitors have seen the double-pipe at Buttermilk. On Saturday, the rest of the world will get a chance to view it, too

Last month’s competition in the Red Bull Double Pipe will be shown at noon Saturday on NBC. The event, part of the Red Bull Signature series, will showcase the two 22-foot superpipes, both side by side, that include rails, wallrides, channels and other features.

The double-pipe allows riders to transfer back and forth between the two halfpipes in a single run, opening up a number of potential lines and combination of tricks that can’t be done in traditional halfpipe contests.

The competition will feature 10 current and former Olympians, including Greg Bretz, Scotty Lago and Taylor Gold.

Former Winter X Games commentator Sal Masekela will host the telecast of the event.