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But what about immigration?

Dear Editor:

I applaud President Obama’s decision to sign the economic stimulus legislation in my home state of Colorado, as much as I respect his agenda and immense energy to put it into motion. It is a noble gesture to honor the state of former Gov. Dick Lamm, another visionary who had the unusual sense of personal honor and fortitude to tell it like it is, no matter how much we may dislike the message ” who foresaw the incredible strains that illegal immigration would put on most sectors of modern American society.

Like every professional politician who presided in a position of power during the largest mass immigration in world history during the past eight years ” an immigration from Mexico to the U.S. that continues at an unsustainable pace ” Mr. Obama, as well as every cabinet member, U.S. senator and representative, members of both houses of government of every U.S. state, as well as county and city representatives nationwide, are all obliged to tell American citizens exactly what they are doing to combat illegal immigration. You owe us all lengthy and detailed explanations in print, TV, Internet and radio.

At a time when so many American citizens are out of work, when social services (already pushed to the brink by illegal immigration) are being bankrupted, every elected official in every part of the land needs to let their electorate know exactly what kind of policy they are pursuing and having enforced, and what exactly they are doing to punish those who illegally hire those who are here illegally.

Why is it that this issue isn’t at the forefront of political discourse in this country? Why are so many politicians more interested in pandering than they are in fixing a pattern that is unsustainable? Why is Lou Dobbs the only public figure who has the guts to take on an issue that is at the forefront of damaging this country forever? And why is Arizona, a state which hasn’t produced much of anything inspiring on the national policital stage, the only Western state that has produced any kind of meaningful legislation on this subject?

I don’t want my home state to turn into California. I don’t want this country to turn into California. It’s time to act now, and it’s time for all politicians to act now.

We are waiting for answers from all of you.

David E. Johnson


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