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But Lord, I had fun

Firefighters all know that when you see a lot of smoke, something is being structurally compromised by rapid oxidation. Likewise, on the political/sociological front, when there is a lot of smoke and heat, something is self-immolating.

The so-called ultra-liberals have been blowing a lot of smoke of late around the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. All of this defies logic until you realize that their core agenda is unrestricted recreational sex with no penalties and no consequences.

They attack anyone or any organization that opposes these issues as being “intolerant,” “bigoted” and “hateful.” Adulterous sex and abortion are characterized as women’s “freedom of choice.”

Get a clue! The “choice” was to jump into bed. The pregnancy is a consequence. Faux science claims homosexuality is genetic, and if you think it’s wrong, you are a “homophobe.” Get another clue. If it was genetic, it would have eliminated itself way back at the beginning. The leftist weapon is ridicule, not logic.

Give me women who are who are faithful and true, genuine women. Give me men who are strong, committed and responsible. Give me children who know who their parents are, and know they are loved.

When you finally stand before your Creator, will you say, “But Lord, I had fun!”

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle