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Dear Editor:President Bush has a troubling tendency to tell us one thing while the opposite version is actually true. For example, he said he would fire anybody in the White House who was involved in the leak of the CIA agent. We now know by the statements of reporters that White House people did leak. No one was fired.President Bush has said, repeatedly, that the United States is not involved in torture of prisoners. Unfortunately, there is evidence from former prisoners, from humanitarian agencies, from FBI reports, from testimony from a U.S. Army officer about his unit, the 82nd Airborne, from reports in the press, and, of course, from the Abu Ghraib scandal and other sources including Army investigations that make it clear that the United States does torture prisoners. The president has also said that we are involved in this bloody war in Iraq to prevent the growth of terrorism and that any talk of leaving Iraq now just plays into the hands of the enemy. The president says this even after a government report (that was originally concealed) finds that terrorism is on the rise worldwide, and especially, in Iraq. He started his so-called “Global War on Terrorism” in Afghanistan to wipe out the training camps that prepared the 9/11 terrorists. Now it is reported that new camps have been set up for training right inside Iraq. Budding new terrorists are being brought in from all over the world, then sent back home after their lessons are learned. The truth is that this war is doing exactly what it is supposed to stop: breed terrorism.It is getting so that whenever Bush speaks, there is a good chance the opposite is true. I wonder if he thinks we are just too dumb to figure it out. Patrick HunterCarbondale

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