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Bush’s pitiful résumé

Dear Editor:If one listens carefully to the soft spoken but authoritatively hostile female voice of the latest Republican propaganda campaign, you get the message that, between lies about his voting record, Kerry is the wrong guy for the job because his values are not yours, and the choice of John Edwards as his partner on the road to the White House is incredibly flawed because of his lack of experience.Ironic, since the mantra of the Bushies 3 1/2 years ago was that W was from outside the beltway and his life experience was more important than actual on-the-job type of political experience. A compassionate conservative with the personal drive to get the job done for the little guy was the repetition, followed by that patented little Bush smirk so endearing to some blue-haired retirees, but disingenuous, arrogant and inappropriate to me. Snake oil at its best. As for the experience, since Bush’s handlers have mistakenly thought this a selling point, let’s look at his resume.Back in Midland, Texas, between highballs and bindles, W thought at 30-something, it might be a good idea to finally have a job. Even though he had a less than stellar college career and got out of Harvard business school only because his tuition was paid up, and had nothing on his resume other than avoiding the draft successfully and waking up on other people’s couches, daddy set him up in the oil business with a little arm-twisting, and closet opening, in a venture called appropriately enough Arbrusco, the Hispanic word for bush, or more specifically, shrub.Even though they were rewarded with midnight deals and no-bid government contracts, including the exclusive on exporting oil from Kuwait after the last Bush debacle Desert Storm, (I love those macho names for fascist colonialism the Republicans come up with … Iron Eagle, Enduring Freedom and the most frightening, Shock and Awe) Arbrusco went belly-up and W ended up millions in debt to all of the cronies who backed him, like Ken Lay. In order to avoid all the dark and slimy details I’ll cut to the chase … he did it four more times and four more bankruptcies followed, resulting in billions in debts and a rather unimpressive resume of experience at best.John Edwards, on the other hand, graduated with very impressive grades in college and law school, and went on to become a very successful representative of people harmed by incompetent doctors, irresponsible manufacturers and cheating insurance companies. He became a successful senator and the Democratic choice as vice presidential nominee, all on his own without the encumbrances of daddy’s money or bankruptcies.W, I will concede, did set some records as governor of Texas. For: A) The number of unchallenged executions, 120 in six years, and B) The rolling back of nearly every environmental protection law ever passed in his state. And, of course, a stellar record of spending less time in his office and more at the baseball park than anyone in history. There, I guess, is your positive on the resume.You might want to remember two other guys who got to the White House with no experience and became two of the best we ever had, and gave us an end to two of the worst wars ever fought by Americans. Harry Truman, a haberdasher from Missouri, and Abe Lincoln, a trial lawyer from Illinois, and of course there was that upstart junior senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy. Any questions about values?M.J. McAllisterAspen

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