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Bush’s deranged thinking

While the debate rages as to whether the attack on Iraq was justified, one thing has been made crystal clear: The Bush administration’s “pre-emptive strike” policy is a dreadful failure.

The threat posed by Iraq’s alleged stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and nuclear weapons program was central to the case for America’s first pre-emptive strike. Now that the claim has proven false, the whole pre-emptive strike doctrine comes under question. If we can’t determine who is truly a threat, we risk the unnecessary destruction of innocent countries, as we apparently did with Iraq.

The claim that President Hussein was in violation of U.N. resolution 1441 was partly based on the administration’s assertion that Hussein had “intentions” to develop weapons and the further postulation that he had “intentions” to use them against the U.S. or sell them to someone who would. The administration’s failure to find evidence of these claims exposes the pre-emptive doctrine’s inherent danger. No one can know what’s in another person’s mind.

To accuse someone of evil intentions, and then act violently to prevent the fantasy from being realized, is recognized by those in the psychology profession as a sign of deranged thinking. A person who acts in such a manner is seen as a potential threat to society and a candidate for incarceration.

How much more of a threat to the peace and security of the world is a deranged leader in command of the largest military and most dangerous weapons on earth?

Sue Gray