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Bush’s batting average

In the course of his campaign for president, Bush developed and promised action on seven major programs. It is now pertinent to consider how he made out.

He proposed a $1.6 trillion tax cut, which he said would be effective immediately and could be afforded under the surplus we then had. What he got was a $1.35 trillion cut to be phased in over 10 years. Now the surplus is gone and our economy is in a funk.

He presented a plan for standardized testing of school children and to allow parents to take their children out of failing schools and to give them tuition vouchers for putting them into private schools. He gave up on the voucher plan in order to get transfers between public schools, but this hasn’t been worked out yet.

He developed a plan to help elderly seniors to buy prescription drugs but he did not obtain Congressional approval for it and will try again this year.

He came out with a new plan to allow younger people to put some of their Social Security taxes into stocks and bonds and appointed a commission to develop it, but the downturn in the economy made it distinctly less attractive.

He proposed to build a massive missile defense system and to take us out of the 1972 treaty which bars us and Russia from developing and testing one. The Congress has not yet acted because the cost would be huge and we still aren’t sure it would work.

He advanced a plan for enabling churches and other religious institutions to conduct programs for homelessness and abortions and other social needs, but the Senate voted it down and he will try again this year.

He presented a program for expanding energy production including opening the Alaska Wildlife Refuge, but it has not yet passed the Senate because of major environmental concerns (USA Today, Jan. 28, Page 4A).

Do you suppose his batting average will be better this year?

Sy Chase

Snowmass Village


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