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Bushies let 9/11 happen

Dear Editor:

Bush isn’t stupid. He’s evil. Cheney isn’t shrewd, Rove isn’t clever, Rumsfeld isn’t tough, Condi isn’t smart. These people are evil. Perle, Feith, Bolton, Wolfowitz, the whole rotting lot are as evil as the devil on a raining day in old Salem.

And here’s why. Here’s the unspeakable truth. They knew. They let 9/11 happen. Bush and his gang of neocon thugs needed a reason to invade Iraq. W needed to one-up his daddy’s Iraqi failure and put the olives back in the family martini, and Cheney wanted to get his greedy Halliburton mitts on Iraq’s bubbling brew.

I’m not suggesting that these bloodthirsty goons knew specifically that Mohamed Atta and his gruesome flight crew were going to fly a squadron of hijacked jets into the WTC. But Bush and Co. knew that some horrible act of terrorism would eventually take place on American soil as long as they sat on their hands long enough to let it happen. The Clinton team handed the Bush boys stacks of terrorist intelligence, but the dignifiers of the Oval Office flipped them off; what would a man who fondled the office help know about terrorism. What could a sinner like Clinton know about the will of God?

These pigs needed bulletproof permission to bypass the illegalities of a first-strike invasion. This is why they intentionally let our guard down. This is why the Pentagon blocked Lt. Col. Shaffer from informing the FBI of the al-Qaida cells operating in the United States. This is why Richard Clark was canned for telling the then new administration that our country was extraordinarily vulnerable to terrorist attack. It is why Condi and George ignored CIA memos stating that Osama was “set to strike” inside the USA, using planes, no less.

Our honorable American citizenry wouldn’t stand for Bush invading Iraq without a reason. So Bush let a reason happen. He knew that the USA never throws the first punch, but he also knew that the John Wayne in all of us loves to punch back.

Now, of course, no one could have predicted the kind of hellish catastrophe that happened on Sept. 11. Let’s face it, these weak-kneed chicken hawks were probably only hoping that some freaky sheik would maybe blow up a bank or take some soccer moms hostage at a Saturday match, maybe wear a suicide bomb to a Broadway show. But holy cats, Batman, nobody wanted the Islamofascists to incinerate a NYC tourist attraction and kill 3,000 hardworking U.S. taxpayers. Whoops. Even back then these neocon nincompoops were underestimating our enemies. But the bastards let it happen.

George Bush and his ass-kissing tribe of wing-nut Christians are war criminals. They should be tried for treason and for committing crimes against humanity, and if convicted, they deserve the same compassion onetime Texas Gov. Bush extended to fellow born-again Karla Faye Tucker when she was on death row and begging for her life: none.

Patrick Hasburgh


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