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Bushes are out of touch

Dear Editor:To Mr. Barry Peters of Snowmass: What a great letter (Sept. 19). You hit the nail on the head: A president that can think for himself and not depend on someone else to tell him what to do. Not Bush, he has to have someone tell him what to do like 9/11 – when he was reading to a group of small children, and like waiting five days to help the poor people of New Orleans. I used to have respect for Mrs. (Barbara) Bush. But for her to say the Negroes did not have anything to begin with … To lose what little they had in a flood is a terrible thing to happen to them. Because the Bushes have had wealth all their lives does not mean a lot of people are so lucky. To have a job and a roof over their heads, I’m sure they were happy to take care of their families.Bush has spent more time at Crawford on vacation than any other president. Photo ops of him using a chain saw, hugging two little Negro girls (in white blouses) – he wasn’t anywhere near the dirty water with bodies in the streets. While saying to conserve gas, don’t use more than you have to, he makes four trips in Air Force One to New Orleans. I’ve had phone calls, letters and cards, all unsigned. If you have the guts to write or call, and call me dirty names, at least say who you are. One wrote, “You are a crazy bitch. The more I read your letters, the more I’m glad I voted for George Bush.”I’m glad you did, too, because you got what you deserve – nothing.Mildred BaumliCarbondale

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