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Bush the new McCarthy

Dear Editor:I am always amazed when I read the letters that praise President Bush’s honesty. How many times can one man tell the same lies before he convinces himself that they are true?This election is not just for the presidency, but for the heart and soul of what this country was founded on – free speech and equality for everyone. In the 1950s, Sen. Joseph McCarthy used the word “communist” to scare people. The FBI showed up at your homes and asked if you knew any other communists and then called you un-American or unpatriotic if you disagreed with him. Change the date to 2004, the word to “terrorist” and the names to Bush and Cheney and we should all be very scared of what they are trying to turn this country into. They are doing what the terrorists could not accomplish by themselves. This election is one of the most important of your lifetime and we need leaders that allow disagreement and celebrate our differences; ones that could actually find their classroom the day Patrick Henry was discussed. John Kerry has spent his entire adult life trying to make our lives better. Yes, he has changed his mind on issues, which to me shows that he can actually listen and be informed and change course when the facts become clearer instead of continuing a policy that loses lives day after day and denying there is a problem.Please vote on Nov. 2. A vote for John Kerry as well as Ken and John Salazar is the first step to returning our country to its rightful place in history that includes everyone, not just the citizens that always agree with them.Marsha GoshornAspen

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