Bush the ‘mistake’ must go

It took a revolution and a constitutional convention (plus George Washington and our founding fathers) to rid ourselves of George III. What will it take to rid ourselves of our unelected George II ” a man of the same autocratic, overbearing, uninformed tendencies to autocratic, undemocratic rule?

He has stirred up a malaise of hate among the militant Muslim world that has lain dormant for centuries.

Once again, they are on the warrior march of Mohammed. Will they retake much of Europe ” and move on to our world?

Besides wrecking the only surplus our nation has known for decades, he is plunging our posterity into debt for decades to come. He creates dissension and hate, stirring up class warfare in our democracy, throwing thousands out of work!

George W. Bush is either a tool of very selfish, greedy interests of the right, or he is an autocratic ignoramus (maybe both). In any event, he must go.

John Kerry is a real man of the people ” a hero, well educated, experienced, of the stripe of Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt, John Kennedy and even Abraham Lincoln,

If anyone can repair the damage of the Bush legacy, John Kerry can.

We must defeat this “terrible mistake,” as the Spanish people recently did.

Taylor Gamblin