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Bush, thank God

Dear Editor:Before the presidential election of 2004 I was telling friends that, as painful as it seemed, it would be better for the nation, and the world, if Bush would do a second term. The wars would go on, the courts would be packed with right-wingers, the religious fundamentalists (the American Taliban) would run amok, vitally necessary government agencies like FEMA would be trashed, regulations to prevent destruction of the environment and to preserve the public health would be overturned, the country would go deeper into debt, etc., etc. The problem was, any Democratic president would be cut to ribbons by a Republican Congress, a conservative judiciary, and the relentless right-wing press and propaganda machine. Every effort by a Democrat would be bitterly opposed and stalemated. Democrats and the hated “liberals” would be perceived to be the cause of all problems. Gridlock in the government would be blamed on the Democrats. Corporations would be stocking the Republican campaign coffers. The 2008 presidential election would be a shoo-in for a Republican such as Jeb Bush. Too many Americans had been swayed by the false right-wing ideology, the fear mongering and the flag waving, all made possible by the horrible 9/11 attacks. The only chance to return to common sense was for the Bush regime and its handlers and backers to make such a mess of things, that even the most devoted knee-jerk Bush supporter would be saying: Wait a minute, let’s think this over.As the opinion polls show Bush’s dwindling support, and more and more Republican politicians are “cutting and running,” it is clear that people are seeing the Bush world for what it is. It is time now to build a dialogue and to get this country back on track. Thank God for Bush’s second term. Patrick HunterCarbondale

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