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Bush is toast

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:It’s a pity that Bush flip-flopped on his pledge not to engage in nation-building, as the Killing Fields of Iraq go from bad to worse. Despite more than 1,050 U.S. casualties and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, Boy-Bush now says he would “do it all over again.”I suppose if you’re “decisive” you stick to your guns, no matter how stupid your initial misjudgment. Furthermore in this fantasy world you expect to retain your job. It’s mind-boggling that Bush supporters so easily put partisanship over principle. Welcome to the state of America ’04.As billions (needlessly) pour down the drain in Iraq, our borders and infrastructure (railroads, chem-plants, airports) are frighteningly vulnerable – for every $4 wasted in Iraq, only $1 spent on homeland security. But Bush will keep us safe. Yeah, right. Say hello to the “Flat Earth Club,” chaired by Bush/Cheney ’04.When MoveOn.org, ANSWER and tens of millions of patriotic Americans marched in the streets of our great country in February 2003, we warned of the dire consequences this ill-advised invasion would have. We were derided and called unpatriotic. Major media virtually ignored us (N.Y. Times’ Judith Miller and Thomas Friedman – do they still have jobs?). Well we were right. And while Iraq can’t be (unfortunately) undone, we vowed to hold those in power responsible. And come Nov. 2, in the only poll that matters, we’ll have our say.Bush is toast.Ben NewellAspen