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Bush is off-course

Dear Editor:Some months ago, Bob Woodward asked President Bush if he had consulted with his father before making his decision to declare war on Iraq. Bush replied, “There is a higher father I appeal to.”It is nice to know that Bush has a direct line upstairs, but somehow I think that he got his wires crossed. Other nations in other wars have claimed to have God on their side and the results have not always been favorable. Possibly Bush might have done better by consulting his earthly father.It is also becoming increasingly clear from newly released papers of the British secret service that Bush had determined to “take out” Saddam nine months before he came up with the WMD story. More and more of the American public is coming to realize that we were misled into this fiasco by the convenient fiction of WMD and that the war is being run by amateurs and incompetents. At least two Republican congressmen have endorsed a bill recently drafted in the House to have our troops out of Iraq by December 2006.As the war drags on still without any sign of an end, Bush is still telling us that we must “stay the course.” The “course” grows longer and longer. The death toll of Iraqis and American soldiers grows daily. We have already overstayed the “course,” a “course” on which we should never have embarked without a full understanding of where this “course” would lead us. There will never be a graceful exit from this mess. We can only hope that Bush will finally realize that we cannot force democracy with a gun barrel or prisons reminiscent of the dungeons of the 14th century on a nation where the hatred of the American occupation is so widespread.D.R.C. BrownAspen


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