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Bush has put us in danger

George Albert

First and foremost, President Bush is a loving son. His obsession with Saddam Hussein grew out of his experience in the Gulf War.

He had to witness and endure his father’s humiliation and scorn over his decision not to finish Hussein off. He had to witness his dad’s embarrassing second-term defeat to Bill Clinton. He admitted publicly that Hussein tried to murder his dad. So why do we continue to agonize over why this president lied to the American people?

Paul O’Neil recently admitted that George W. was ready to go to war with Iraq the moment the Supreme Court elected him to office. He didn’t care how many of our loved ones would be killed! He didn’t care that it would bankrupt our country.

Make no mistake. After 9/11, we are a changed people and a changed nation. We are angry and frightened. We want justice and revenge. We are ready to retaliate against any Muslim enemy, real or imagined! This is why we Americans were ready to believe Bush’s lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and somehow being responsible for 9/11.

This president has put us in grave danger in order to satisfy a personal vendetta! He has diverted our manpower, intelligence and money to Iraq at the worse possible time.

The war on terrorism is a world war! We are in this for the long haul. If we were to capture Bin Laden and his aides, it would not matter one bit. These terrorist cells are spread all over the globe; many of them trained by our own CIA! The Muslim community, even though they may have hated Hussein, view this war as another example of our hatred for them, as compared to our blind love for Israel. It has radicalized more Muslim enemies against us than can be counted.

Any junior high student of history knows that in order to be victorious in war, we need to forge powerful alliances. This weak-minded president not only humiliated and alienated our closest allies, but went all the way by alienating the United Nations world body against us.

I just thought of something that sent chills up my spine! If we impeach George W. Bush, then we would be stuck with Dick Cheney! May God help us!