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Bush at fault for everything

Dear Editor:Who’s at fault, the flu vaccine screw-up? Can’t be Bush’s, he has never made a mistake in four years – he said so. Anyone who has made as many mistakes as Bush and will not admit to a single one is a pathetic dude. I am a lady, so will not use a stronger word.How come they can’t say it’s Clinton’s fault? They lay everything that’s wrong for the last four years on Clinton, who left a large surplus, now gone. They say a recession started in Clinton’s last year. If that’s so, how could the surplus be so big? Mishandling by someone who will not admit lying about so many things its hard to pick out just one. If Bush wins another four years – read his lips, the draft will come back – do you know what he will say? “There is nothing he could do about it.” And what can the people say? “Sucker,” you voted for Bush and there is not a thing you can do about it, for a long four years. Charlie Rangle, N.Y., said the country can not go much longer. The poor service people are worn out and want to come home, as promised by Bush, but as usual he cannot keep his word. They were forced to sign up to stay longer than they were told in the first place. An all “volunteer” service person did not know when they signed on they would be in an unnecessary war. Over 1,000 young people dead, and 20,000 maimed for life. Even if they come home, in one piece, where is a job for them? Open borders – Bush could care less. He and Fox are not quite so buddy-buddy now. When Bush said the Latinos could come over here and work, then go back to Mexico and draw social security from the United States, that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Mildred BaumliCarbondale

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