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Bush and stupidity

Dear Editor:The president’s popularity is now plunging like a rock thrown into the Ruedi Reservoir. Is there any wonder? Just consider the latest.In the one meeting that he had with Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, he insisted on calling her “mom” and treating the whole matter like some sort of party. She is now camped out near his ranch and he is refusing to see her. He also refuses to acknowledge the deaths of the other soldiers by attending their funerals. He seems to think that we are too stupid to notice.Speaking of stupid, did you see that he now thinks we ought to teach creationism as an alternate scientific theory to evolution? This scientific Philistine, who got a 69 in astronomy at Yale and had a C average, is now posing as a scientific authority. How did we elect this person? – speaking of stupid.Jeremy BernsteinAspen

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