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Buses will ease traffic

Dear Editor:

I was distressed to hear that there is so much dissent about funding the public bus system. We have been on vacation here for two weeks, and have used the public bus system every day to go back and forth in the city and once to go to Aspen Highlands. The buses are well-used.

I cannot imagine putting all those riders in cars on Aspen streets, to say nothing of trying to park those extra vehicles downtown or at the music tent. Sitting on Main Street at rush hour waiting for a bus also brings to mind pollution problems from all those vehicles idling as they inch up the street. You can see and smell the exhaust. Adding to that is certainly not a good idea either. (The pollution will float up into the air. It won’t stay put in the valley.) I hope Aspen will keep its public bus system for all of these reasons.

P.S.: Aspen is small enough that vehicles could be parked in the public lots and buses used for transportation through the city. That would cut down on the traffic congestion, make Aspen even more attractive, and the population healthier. Many European cities are limiting traffic for their town centers.

Elisabeth Waugaman

Potomac, Md.