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Bury the four lanes

There seems to be only one expensive answer that will satisfy (almost) all the opponents and proponents of the Entrance to Aspen issue.

Bury the four lanes from the roundabout to a bridge over Castle Creek. If rail or a busway comes in the future, enough room could be set aside for such. It would undoubtedly be more expensive, but so are future, delayed building costs.

The Marolt Ranch could be restored to 100 percent, and the bottleneck traffic plug eliminated.

Please think about the so-called S-curves. They simply don’t exist. They are a clever misnomer.

We have two one-lane, 90-degree turns to get to Main Street from a two-lane bridge. At least we should call them the Z-curves (not exact, but closer).

I don’t know how much reprocessing of plans and costs would be – too much time and money, I suspect.

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Taylor Gamblin


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