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Burning over Basalt Mountain plan

I am soooo against this burn.

In the Wednesday, May 21, paper on the front page, “Feds propose burn on Basalt Mountain.” It states that this would be a 2,800-acre burn.

I would like to know who is going to get in front of that fire with a bucket of water and put it out when it hits the projected 2,800 acres, especially in that terrain, with a very limited access. And we have all seen what just a little campfire can do.

In that country, who is to say that the fire will not exceed 20,000 or 30,000 acres, or even more once it starts to go? Won’t that look pretty up there? Who is to say that the wind will not change, and then who or what will be in danger?

I guess the feds think they have it all figured out, and if they are wrong, it will devastate that area, and they could then just chalk it up as another mistake. Who will have to look at it for many years to come? What will be the cost for this supposedly controlled burn?

If they were to do a selective timber sale the feds could sell the harvest, achieve a more beautiful result, and maybe even make money instead of spending millions on a burn. All those natural resources could then go for a worthwhile cause. This would even generate income and create a few jobs for the area. Yes, I am aware of the beetles.

I just could not imagine what that area will look like if that burn were to get out of control. In that event those will only be humans, trying to correct a human mistake, fighting against Mother Nature. I don’t want my best memories of seeing this mountain to be in my scrapbook.

Joe Zelenka

El Jebel

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