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Burn victim gets a local boost

Dear Editor:

We did it. We raised enough money ($2,000) to send Larry Garfinkel and his wife, Angie, home. At least debt from travel expenses home will not be an extra burden for their family during their long path toward what will hopefully be a full recovery.

Your help should remind all of us of what we, as a valley, can do to help others when we work together.

Let’s give a round of applause to the following people who helped Mr. Garfinkel and his wife return to the comforts of their own home and the top-rated Grossman Burn Center in California:

Deborah Adams-Welles, the Agley family, Ananda Mason, the Arnold family, the Balko family, Jeff Bier, the Cahn family, Carol Gallun Craig, Brandon Deters, Margery Fridstein, the Gadbaw family, Gardenia Galiardo, the Kelly family, the Kilby families, Nancy Millsap, the Moir family, the Olzewski-Massih family, Bill Rinehart, the Sante family, Cathy Skutley, the Shenk family, Grace Sparhawk, the Sparkman family, the Tigert family, the Troth family and the Weil family.

Silbi Stainton