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Burlingame: No dogs for now?

Aspen Times Staff

The annexation agreement for Burlingame Ranch prohibits dogs at the planned employee housing development, much to the disappointment of some locals who would like a shot at a home there.Because the adjacent Bar/X Ranch is a working cattle ranch, the Bar/X owners have long insisted dogs would be incompatible with the bovine residents of the neighborhood.However, the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Board has suggested the dog prohibition be revisited, if the Bar/X ever ceases to function as a working ranch.The board is urging the City Council to seek an amendment to the annexation agreement with the Bar/X owners that would allow homeowners at Burlingame to re-address the “no dog” rule if and when there are no longer cattle on the Bar/X.In the meantime, it’s not just residents of the employee housing who are barred from owning dogs. Pooches aren’t permitted for the buyers of the planned free-market residences on the Bar/X, either. Only the ranch operation itself is allowed to keep dogs.

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