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Burlingame lot sale OK’d

Aspen Times Staff Report

Aspen voters on Tuesday endorsed the sale of 37 acres of the city-owned Burlingame Ranch, with proceeds from the sale going toward the affordable housing program.

Voters gave their permission to sell the chunk of the 219-acre ranch by a 1,159-to-647 margin in Tuesday’s balloting.

The lot in question is located on the west side, or Buttermilk side, of Highway 82.

The entire Burlingame Ranch, located between the Maroon Creek Club and Aspen-Airport Business Center, was purchased by the city for affordable housing. The 37-acre parcel, however, was deemed unsuitable for an employee housing project due to its proximity to the airport, steep slopes and water issues.

Yesterday’s action allows the city to sell the lot on the free market, but there will be restrictions on what can be built on the parcel. Deed restrictions on the property allow only one building envelope, limit the floor-area ratio to 5,000 square feet, and set a height limitation of 24 feet. Landscaping guidelines are also in place.

“It was a smart choice. Now we can take the money and put it to good use somewhere else,” said City Councilman Tom McCabe. “The city can recoup a pretty good chunk of what was used to buy Burlingame in the first place.

“The neighbors are pretty happy with the limitations we put on the lot. So it’s a win-win,” he said. “Everybody’s happy.”

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