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Burlingame a bad idea

I think that Aspen is about to make a terrible mistake with its Burlingame project. Government is notoriously inefficient and this project is a good case and point.

Aspen is about to spend tens of millions of dollars re-creating the wheel (roads, utilities and other infrastructure that already exists in a far superior form within the city itself). It will also have to pay for maintenance, bus drivers and other services forever.

The quality of life for the inhabitants of Burlingame would be far better within the city where they could walk to stores, movies, restaurants and other amenities instead of having to ride the bus or drive a car to them.

I think that the city of Aspen should sell its Burlingame land for free market homes and use the proceeds on infill. Government should not be the largest developer in the valley. It should explore public/private partnerships instead.

The private sector can provide existing land and buildings. The public sector can provide funds to build employee housing. The good citizens of Aspen clearly support employee housing. The same cannot be said for unnecessary sprawl and government inefficiencies.

Marshall Hall

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