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Burgers and popsicles

Dear Editor:Two things. Monday night’s public hearing on November’s repealed visitor center building for the intersection of Galena and Main is re-scheduled until May 9.It’s official! The question, “Should the City of Aspen annex The Bar X Ranch to build Burlingame on?” is on the City of Aspen May 3 ballot.Many people have asked: Who will really get to live there? How much open space is really being saved? What is really being built? How much will the project really cost in taxpayers dollars? What really are the impacts? What will really happen when a minimum of 1,000 new residents move into the project? What really is happening with Deer Hill? Is there really air pollution being created?For me the most important thing is that Aspenites have all the facts and information when we vote so we can make the best decision. The “facts” keep changing and some of the “facts” are not known. For example, the city does not know yet how much the units are going to cost to buy. Shouldn’t we know how much our unit is going to cost so we know if we qualify, how much of a loan we need to apply for, and, if we, the unit owner, can afford it?Before you vote, you are invited to burgers and popsicles the weekend of April 23 (two days before the first public land use hearing on Burlingame, April 25, and 10 days before the May 3 election), to check out the proposed land for the project so you can see for yourself what is being proposed. As soon as the burgers and popsicles are ordered, the official invite will be sent out.The next debate between Rachel Richards, Mick Ireland, Frank Peters and myself will be today, Thursday, in City Hall at 7 p.m. Check GrassRoots for a schedule of air times. Toni KronbergAspen

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