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Bummed over a stolen board

Dear Editor:

To the jerk that stole my snowboard:

I guess in this economy you are much more desperate than myself. Maybe if you would have known that I received my layoff on New Year’s Eve you may have thought twice about taking my board. One of the few things that I had left that brought me great joy you stole from me. I wonder if you knew that I put my own bedroom up for rent and will be living in my unfinished basement to pay the mortgage maybe you would have thought twice.

Thank goodness I was able to purchase a pass in August when things were still moving forward in the valley, if you would like to stop by and pick that up I’ll leave it in the mailbox for you. I’m sure you know where I live since you stole my board off my front porch. I know, shame on me for not putting it away ” but like many of us that chose to live, I here know what it is like to live in a shoebox without much storage. Yes, I have homeowners insurance and I even tried to file a claim but since you decided you needed to take both my board and my boyfriend’s they will only cover one which isn’t enough to make the difference in the deductible. I wonder if you knew this you still would have made the decision you did.

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Next time my dog starts to bark at 4:30 a.m. I will definitely get my lazy bum out of bed to see what the commotion is. If that was the case last night I would still be the owner of my first board I purchased when I moved to this valley. Instead of being on the mountain I will be sitting on my couch crying, hoping I can find something on the side to get some extra cash to get a new board.

To everyone else that is reading this letter if you happen to come across a Morrow Wildflower 146 cm Board with the serial number 4339005 with white Burton bindings or a Ride Profit, 159 cm with black Morrow bindings, serial number 4511251 please go ahead and let the Carbondale Police Department know. Thanks!

Tiffany Berry


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