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Bullies in Aspen

Where has compassion, fun, and yes, “messy vitality” gone in Aspen? We are becoming an arrogant bureaucratic society whose public servants seem to answer to no one – not even our elected officials! They seem to have a “devine right” to push so-called employee housing citizens around with impunity! These well-paid, overbearing “hired hands” seem to think they are invulnerable!

Such is not limited to employee housing – but, pervades at the Senior Center; the golf course; some patrolling and investigating police officers, etc.

These “big city” mean ways are loudly defended by the simple-minded phrase “I was just doing my job!” Come on! This is not Aspen, it is bullying – and is creating a very non-Aspen atmosphere!

Let’s bring back a strong ombudsman program. Enough is enough!

Taylor Gamblin


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