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Building peace

As we rush toward war, we must each examine our beliefs around this most horrendous of decisions and take responsibility for the side we choose to stand on. For myself, it appears insane from every single point of view.

I like the quote from Jane Roberts’ book, “Seth Speaks,” that “nations that hate war will never achieve peace. Only nations that love peace more than they hate war will achieve peace.” There is so very much we can do in the way of building peace, exciting things that we can all get behind.

War is always based on duality, Us (representing Good) versus Them (representing Evil), whereas, of course, we are all one, all human beings wanting the best for ourselves and loved ones.

Pondering on all of this as we spend a couple of winter months on the beach at Port Aransas outside Corpus Christi and watch the procession of battleships carrying armed forces and war armaments leave for the Middle East, I wrote this poem that I hope you will publish.


The sun-drenched air feels warm upon my skin;

Gulls laugh and shriek as they fly by;

Curling ocean waves break into foam,

To lap on beach awaiting this embrace.

And yet so sad, so sad …

Ships, sleek and gray and sinister,

Silently through dark night water glide,

Taking away the beautiful and young

To fight and kill for right – or wrong.

So sad, so sad …

Voice on the radio announces coldly,

Attack from all sides is what we’ll do!

Break Baghdad into very small pieces!

They will not have the slightest chance!

So sad, so sad …

Saddam Hussein is very evil, we are told;

He has caused his people to suffer

In horrible ways. We will liberate them!

We will bomb them! Then they will be free!

So sad, so sad …

American peacemakers travel to Iraq.

Americans are nice, say the Iraqi people.

But why does your government starve us?

Why then do your leaders want to kill us?

So sad, so sad …

Is it because we already suffer so much?

Is it because we are ruled by an evil dictator?

But look, we are not evil. We are just like you.

We love our children and want to live in peace.

So sad, so sad …

I look into the clear blue sky

And watch a skein of pelicans

Unraveling loose and lazy circles.

An Iraqi woman looks into the sky

And wonders if this will be the day

That she and her children will die.

So sad, so sad …

Catherine Garland


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