Building community through language

Dear Editor:

I want to thank everyone who helped make English In Action’s recent open house such a successful and heart-warming event.

Last Wednesday, we at English In Action, a nonprofit dedicated to building community through language and leadership development, held a “dual-purpose” open house. The first goal was to welcome our fabulous new executive director, Lara Beaulieu. We know Lara is going to be a true asset to our organization, and we wanted the entire community to have the opportunity to meet her.

The second goal was to honor and say goodbye to Julie Fox-Rubin, our founder, who is stepping down as our executive director in order to become a new parent! Julie’s visionary work over the past eight years has left the organization with a strong foundation upon which to grow. We will miss her.

I was incredibly moved by the number of community members who turned out to join us. Among them were many of our adult learners, volunteer tutors, funders and community partners of all kinds, from the nonprofit, business and government sectors.

Thank you all for joining us.

I also want to thank the many local businesses who generously donated food and drink to make the event a truly festive occasion: Cuvee World Bistro, Cafe Bernard, Taqueria El Nopal, European Caterers, Upper Crust, Jimbo’s and Alpine Bank.

Together they helped us to create a delicious “around-the-world” spread.

Building community through language and leadership development is not something that one person can do alone. Last Wednesday’s event was a great reminder that

English In Action is fortunate to have a wide and diverse network of friends and partners who make this work possible. Thanks. It is great doing this work with all of you!

Jacque Whitsitt

board chair, English In Action