Building a house that looks as good as it tastes |

Building a house that looks as good as it tastes

Joel Stonington

The Buddy Program rocks. Not only do they hook you up with the coolest little kid in the world, they also hook up the cool activities.

About a week ago I went over to the Buddy Program office and picked up a free Gingerbread House Kit. It came in a shiny, colorful box and made me feel like I was about 6 (which would technically make me the little buddy).On Tuesday night, I picked up my little buddy – a spunky 7-year-old named Javier – and we went to my house for gingerbread house construction.The kit, available at, included all parts of the house – gingerbread walls, roofs and men, as well as a few trees, candy and frosting – so we sat down, opened up the bags of gumdrops and went to work.

Constructing the house was an easy process of using frosting as glue. Javier did most of the heavy lifting on the roofing and siding. The frosting bag was a little tough to squeeze out evenly, but part of that might have been the size of the hole.Once the house was assembled and had hardened for 15 minutes, it was simply a matter of putting frosting everywhere and gluing on the candy. (And seeing if it was possible to get sick by eating the candy that didn’t make it as far as the door frame.) We ended up with a tree on the roof and relatively sloppy windows, but overall the house looked good enough that we could have put the chimney on the door and it would still have looked quite nice.

Plus, the kit was stocked with all the right kinds of candy: gumdrops, sweet tarts, candy canes and mint swirls. We stuck enough on there that I was happy the gingerbread was sturdy.Total construction time for the house was roughly an hour and a half, and that included multiple trips up to the loft, the building of extensive train tracks in the living room and a good amount of time petting the dogs. Joel Stonington’s e-mail address is

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