Build it and they will learn |

Build it and they will learn

Dear Editor:Reading the letters and columns in the newspaper of the locals’ opinion on voting for a new school has really inspired me to voice my opinion as well. I have been attending the Aspen schools since first grade. Next year I plan on going to the high school as well. Going through all of the four years in this school, I know it inside and out. My personal opinion is that replacing the whole school would be better then repairing one.The Aspen Middle School is going to have its 36th birthday soon and is in need of immediate plumbing repair. Not too long ago, something leaked in the ceiling, causing damage to part of the roof. Last year, the boys’ bathroom flooded, leaving a putrid smell. When we finally fix our pipes we will have to almost rip out all of our walls. Building a new school will let us fix the pipes, lighting, walls, structure and many other things at the same time. Aspen is supposed to be very “environmentally friendly” but with a school that uses thousands of dollars a year on the electricity, our ski town isn’t really living up to is reputation. The new school would have windows in about every room and maybe even a solar-powered light. Our school would also have a better heating system and air conditioning! After long hot days with hundreds of kids in the school coming in from recess, being stuffed into those skinny hallways with everyone dripping with sweat, it gets really hot! Air conditioning would make everyone in the whole school more comfortable!Building a better and more educated school would help kids become future graduates and maybe Nobel Peace Prize winners. I think that the kids of the future need the best education. Having a good school makes kids like it. Vote for building a school and watch the education of Colorado elevate. Stevie JarrellSnowmass

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