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Buddies to be missed

I laid awake last night grieving the loss of a trusted friend.

It was not an individual that I mourned, but a small business located in El Jebel for many years. Buddies Preschool has decided to close on Nov. 1 due to financial difficulties.

My 3-year-old son has attended Buddies for the past nine months. He has received excellent, professional and, most of all, loving care there that has encouraged his growth and development while embracing his own unique personality.

We had already tried two other daycares, where our son was labeled a “problem child” at the ripe old age of 2. Buddies’ staff welcomed our son with open arms and never had the complaints that his previous daycare providers had about his behavior. He stopped having the nightmares that had awakened us with his screams in the night when attending his prior daycares.

The calm and loving atmosphere at Buddies seemed perfect for him, and we have watched him form close friendships with other children there and even closer bonds with the staff. I honestly believe you could not find more dedicated, caring and nurturing teachers than those at Buddies.

Their facility is not the best equipped in the valley, but that never troubled me because the level of care more than compensated for any material items they lacked. I wish they had reached out for help from the families that love them and from the community at large because I do not believe this valley wants to lose a good daycare facility. I think we would have rallied to their support and aid if we had known they were in trouble.

I mourn the loss my young son will feel for these people he loves, trusts and has enjoyed seeing on a daily basis. As the owner of a small business in the valley I mourn for the owner of Buddies, since I know how dedicated and hardworking she has been and can imagine how painful it would be to give up one’s business and dreams.

I finally fell asleep last night hoping for a miracle that would keep them open but also knew that before they close, I wanted them and the people in this valley to know how much we appreciated the incredible job they have done every day. We will be forever grateful to them for the wonderful influence they have been in our son’s and many other children’s lives.

Buddies Preschool will be sorely missed.

Amy Hausman


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