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Buck, Tipton are true fiscal conservatives

Dear Editor:

Most people would agree that the most important issues in this year’s election are the economy, jobs, spending and the deficit; in other words, financial issues. Other issues are still important but if we don’t get things right on financial issues, we’ll be dealing with the chaos of Greece, Ireland, France and the U.K. before we know it. And there won’t be funds to deal adequately with education, the environment, etc.

The federal government has been overspending for a long time, including under Bush. But spending over the past two or three years has skyrocketed and shows no signs of abating under the current administration and Congress. John Salazar and Michael Bennet supported the worst of these policies, including the awful health care bill and the largely ineffective stimulus. Far worse, they continue to support these policies. We can’t afford that type of thinking (or non-thinking).

A majority of Americans support repeal of health care. Every week or so another bad effect of the bill is found. And what was known before it passed was enough to make a thoughtful person, even a politician, want to slow down and not ram the bill through with tricks and bribes. Salazar and Bennet voted for it.

Same thing for the stimulus: more than $800 billion and not much to show for it.

Many tried to reason with Salazar and Bennet and show them why these programs, no matter how well-intentioned, would not only fail to produce the proper results, but would cause new problems and not reduce, but increase, the deficit. Salazar and Bennet wouldn’t listen. As Moe Tucker, former drummer of the Velvet Underground said, “I have voted Democratic all my life, until I started listening to what Obama was promising and started wondering how the hell this utopian dream would be paid for?” The answer is by borrowing lots of money – and it will bury us and succeeding generations if we don’t make changes.

Please remember that when severe cuts have to be made, they have the hardest impact on those that can least afford it.

Scott Tipton and Ken Buck are conservative but in no way extreme. They promise to cut spending, reduce the deficit and actually create a climate for job creation, not just talk about it.

No matter how you normally vote, please support Scott Tipton for Congress and Ken Buck for Senate. We need to get our financial house in order, and it will only happen if we vote for true fiscal conservatives and not those who continue to support failed policies.

Art Martin


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