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Bubba’s saviors

On Saturday evening, Sept. 14, my worst fear came to pass: I came home from work and found that my beloved English bulldog, Bubba, was inexplicably gone.

Information from the CDOT workers paving Highway 82 made my heart truly plummet when I learned he’d been seen hours before being put into a blue car heading downvalley. An interminable night of phone calls and tears ensued.

Radio spots were played and a photo ad was very generously being prepared by The Aspen Times for a rush printing in Monday’s paper. Animal shelters and police departments throughout the valley were notified.

In the morning, another round of phone calls had barely begun when the Carbondale police dispatcher said they had a report of a found dog matching my dog’s description and provided me with the names of Jerry and Lahana Preston. These turned out to be the the most wonderful and caring people that Bubba could’ve possibly hooked up with.

They set him up with a bed in the house, a water bowl large enough to satisfy a horse and a cast-iron skillet full of dog food (cast-iron because “he’s not very good with Tupperware, is he?”) He was only gone overnight but, I swear, he gained weight!

They played with him in their beautiful, flowery yard and made him a toy. They even drove around the streets of Glenwood looking for someone who looked like they were looking for their dog. Amazing!

Most importantly, they called the animal shelters, police stations, radio stations and newspapers, and they even put an ad on the Internet.

Jerry and Lani, you have my heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of my sweet boy and getting us reunited in record time. You are a credit to human thoughtfulness and generosity and your friends are lucky to have people such as you in their lives. You certainly gave this traumatizing event a happy ending.

Your actions changed what started as a nightmare into a reconfirmation of my somewhat lagging belief in human goodness. Also, as my friend Scott said, a lot of people would’ve been severely bummed if Bubba was gone. I can never thank you enough.

The Carbondale police dispatcher working Sunday morning (unfortunately, I’ve forgotten her name, but her deed will always be remembered) is also deserving of thanks for putting two and two together and for being so forthcoming with the information that provided the link I was hoping for.

To everyone involved in Bubba’s recovery and my emotional support, again my deepest thanks and appreciation.

Janette Housley

Bubba’s mom

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