Brutality solves nothing |

Brutality solves nothing

Dear Editor:

As a citizen of the United States I am very disturbed and extremely upset as to the way this country is going in many directions. I understood that the Constitution meant something to its citizens. However, it seems to me that the constitution is torn to shreds. First amendment rights of freedom of the press, freedom of speech and rights to assemble are no longer allowed as we have seen on Free Speech TV. The independent TV station had press passes and RNA passes to attend the RNA convention, but were arrested because of their passive march against the war. I saw the militarized police manhandle Amy Goodman and her director and others, took batteries from their cameras, stripped them of their passes and threw them in jail. This was a peaceful demonstration. The protesters were told to move back and when they did they ended up in a pincer movement by the police and were trapped and arrested. I hear from other sources that the police who participated in this outrageous military forceful behavior were paid a $50,000 bonus for their fine work, using rubber bullets, tear gas, etc. on peaceful people. It makes me very sad. As I write this letter I am almost in tears.

Amy tried to speak to the commanding officer and was promptly manhandled, arrested and thrown in jail. She was told the police do not have to wear a badge, nor are they required to identify themselves. I lived through World War II, and watched the Nazis using the same tactics against their people. God forbid that this country continues to go in that direction, or we are all lost. Brute force accomplishes nothing.

It is my fervent hope that the citizens of this country wake up and realize that America with its force of aggression around the world only exacerbates problems, not solves them. We should all try to solve problems, not make them worse, and be a kinder nation than that which is portrayed around the world today.

Barbara Tunnicliffe


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