Bruno tells the truth |

Bruno tells the truth

Dear Editor:Bruno Kirchenwitz, the Basalt the 7-Eleven clerk who was fired by 7-Eleven for supposedly challenging the gang bangers who (probably) were responsible spraying five bullets into that store, did not in fact “bring it on” himself.7-Eleven is claiming, in large part, that Bruno was fired because he, in his verbal exchange with the attempted murderer(s), supposedly said to them, “Bring it on,” thereby inviting the attack.7-Eleven says the Basalt police chief told the company that’s what Bruno said to the goons. Bruno has been saying all along that he told the chief that he had only thought “bring it on,” and that he never offered to fight or in any other way challenge the gangsters.The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is now out. Bruno was given a polygraph by one of the state’s top polygraphists, and he was shown to have answered truthfully to questions specific to the allegation made by the chief and by 7-Eleven. Bruno has been vindicated. I wonder if the chief and the liars at 7-Eleven would be willing to sit for a polygraph?The cost of the polygraph was paid for by Denver radio station KHOW. The results were announced on the Peter Boyles Show, the number one talk radio show on the Front Range. To listen online to the report from the polygraphist and Bruno’s reaction to the results, go to; click on “Shows”; click on “The Peter Boyles Show”; click on “The Complete Pete”; click on “July 27, 2007 7 a.m.”Mike McGarryAspen