Bruins ‘bonkers’ without berries |

Bruins ‘bonkers’ without berries

With berries and acorns not quite ripe yet, bears are between food sources. So lock your doors and windows. Aspen Times file photo.

Beware of leaving your windows and doors in your house unlocked right now. You never know what might come knocking.Bears are on a rampage seeking sources of food while they wait for berries and acorns to ripen, according to Kevin Wright, a longtime officer with the Colorado Division of Wildlife.”Bears are starting to go pretty bonkers here,” he said. “We’re right in between the period where the berries are ripe and all the grasses and forbs are cured out.”

DOW spokesman Randy Hampton said problems have decreased in most places of the state compared to last year, but there are pockets of heavy activity. Aspen is one of them. There have been numerous calls where bears have gone inside homes to get food.”We’ve had more than one situation in that area where bears have said, ‘There’s food in there, I’m going in,'” said Hampton.He was uncertain if any bears have been killed in Aspen this year because of conflicts.

Wright said problem areas include Mountain Valley, McSkimming Road and some areas of Red Mountain around Aspen and Brush Creek Village. The problems almost always result from people leaving their windows open and door with lever doorknobs unlocked. The bruins are crafty beasts, especially when food is involved.”Some of these places have been hit before in previous years,” Wright said. “I don’t know what it takes to get people to understand when they leave home they need to close and lock their windows and doors, and keep their garage doors down. It’s the same old song and dance.”If those simple rules were followed, nearly all of the problems could be avoided, he said.Scott Condon’s e-mail address is

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