Bruce’s poison apple |

Bruce’s poison apple

Dear Editor:

The Aspen Valley Hospital board made the right call in opposing Proposition 101 and Amendments 60 and 61. But let’s make it clear that the board isn’t so much taking a “stand against state tax relief” – as the headline says – but rather is taking a stand for responsible tax policies.

These proposals are the latest brainchild of Doug Bruce. If they pass, it won’t be Doug Bruce who suffers the consequences, it will be all of us. These are not attempts to control government, they are attempts to cripple it.

Teachers will be especially hard hit. With school revenue from property taxes cut in half, thousands of more teachers will be let go. More schools will be closed, squeezing more kids into already over-crowded classrooms. The quality of education for your child will suffer.

In addition, Amendment 61 eliminates any viable way for the state, cities and counties – as well as entities like Aspen Valley Hospital – to bond for improvements. Look around your neighborhood. Your schools, your fire stations, your libraries, your parks – virtually all of your civic improvements were funded through bonding.

Doug Bruce and his cohorts are hoping that voters won’t uncover the real facts, taking advantage of voters’ frustration. But as the truth becomes known, I believe voters won’t take a bite from this poison apple. The fact is that these proposals won’t bring relief, but only grief for the citizens of Colorado.

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Dan Hopkins

Coloradans For Responsible Reform, Denver

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