BRT is a half-measure |

BRT is a half-measure

Dear Editor:According to your news story, RFTA and regional officials are contemplating building a Bus Rapid Transit system at a cost of $100 million or more (The Aspen Times, Dec. 12). Saying such systems have been dubbed rail on wheels is wrong. They say BRT buses will run between Aspen and Glenwood Springs in one hour, which I think is suspect. You and I routinely take 45 to 50 minutes to drive this route, and that is without bus stops and buses waiting to get back into traffic. And of course BRT is subject to the same vicissitudes as cars – bad weather and road accidents.BRT is, in short, a half-measure. Given the huge cost for a fancier bus, I think we’d be better off having the option at hand to do the job only once and to do it right.No matter what, buses are no substitute for the convenience and efficiency of light rail. Given the fact that Denver metropolitan voters passed one of the largest tax increases in Colorado history – amounting to billions – RFTA should be careful not to sell valley voters short. There should be a rail alternative to BRT.Jon BuschAspen

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