Brrrrrrr: Aspen drops to 13 below |

Brrrrrrr: Aspen drops to 13 below

This wasn’t cold. This was a nose-numbing, finger-tingling, toe-chilling, car-killing, fog-making cold that moved people to bury themselves under hats, scarves and boots ” or suffer the consequences.

Aspen saw the mercury drop to 13 below zero yesterday, and that was balmy compared to Gunnison.

”It’s beyond cold. Cold is too weak of a word,” said Evelyn Roper, a bartender at The Coachlight Lounge in Gunnison.

Frigid temperatures coupled with little cloud cover and a reflective snow base led to extreme cold across Colorado on Monday.

A National Weather Service observation station about three miles southwest of Gunnison recorded a temperature of 36 below zero, four degrees colder than the record for Jan. 5, set in 1971.

Roper said only her most loyal customer was at the tavern Monday evening, and that many people in town walk when they go out, which kept them at home in such weather.

Jon Paul, a bartender at Pizza Mountain in Gunnison, said the slow night was due to more than people’s unwillingness to walk.

”Most people’s cars won’t start today,” Paul said. ”Mine won’t start. Two of my friend’s cars didn’t start. We ended up hitchhiking up the mountain.”

While Gunnison set the only record on Monday, other communities also saw very cold temperatures: 17 below in Greeley, 16 below in Craig, 14 below in Durango and 11 below in Denver.