Brothers serve community |

Brothers serve community

Dear Editor:At a time when a large part of the Catholic clergy has been infected by literalism and fundamentalism, it is definitely good news to hear of the July 11 ordination of two monks to the priesthood: Brother Charlie and Brother Micah, both from St. Benedict’s Monastery in Old Snowmass. Both of these men have been called, each in his own way, to serve the spiritual needs of the monastic community.Before they became monks, Brother Micah was a convert to Catholicism and Brother Charlie was with the U.S. military – but both have been strongly influenced by the contemplative spirituality of Trappist author Thomas Merton, who was a strong prophetic voice in the Catholic Church at the time of the Vietnam War. We need to hear more of this sane doctrine by quiet, unassuming men like these, who do not shy away from looking behind the flat literalism of words – even sacred words – in order to bring an ancient wisdom to bear on the injustices of the present.Joel BrenceAspen

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