Broadcast takes it From the Top in Aspen |

Broadcast takes it From the Top in Aspen

Jessica Freeman
Aspen, CO Colorado
Caroline Goulding will perform at a live taping of From the Top on Sunday at Harris Concert Hall in Aspen. (Alex Irvin/AMFS)

ASPEN ” The Aspen Music Festival and School and From the Top, a nationally broadcast showcase of America’s most outstanding young classical musicians, are teaming up for a live radio taping that will feature some of the festival’s top students.

Seven AMFS students will be featured on the National Public Radio show, hosted by Christopher O’Riley and set to hit the airwaves in the fall. The show, which can be heard on 250 stations around the country, including Aspen Public Radio on Fridays at 2 p.m., will be recorded live in Harris Concert Hall on Sunday, Aug. 5 at 8 pm. Tickets are $30. The session will also feature interviews and performances by some of the country’s best young musicians, along with a little humor.

The budding partnership between the two organizations excites Alan Fletcher, AMFS president and CEO, as much as it does the young musicians who will gain exposure on the show.

“From the Top is the country’s leading media presenter of young classical talent, and Aspen is the summer home of that talent,” he said. “The live taping in Aspen this summer will be the first of a long and important partnership between our organizations. But best of all, the show is just a lot of fun. Everyone there, onstage and off, will have a blast.”

Ryan Meehan, one of the students performing on the Aspen show, has always dreamed of being on the radio. The 17-year-old violinist said though he’s not nervous about his first national performance, he is paying close attention to his preparation for the recording, something he anticipates will be different from a live concert.

“The process I’ll go through for the show will be very helpful and a very good experience,” Meehan said. “I’ll have to make sure my ideas come out in what I’m playing ” you have to go the extra mile when there’s audio and no visual because [the audience] can’t see the expression on your face or movement. I think it’s almost a more honest performance.”

From the Top is a nonprofit organization that encourages young people’s involvement in music and the arts. The organization utilizes several media outlets in its commitment to music students including a television show and the hour-long From the Top radio showcase. From the Top also presents several live events and educational programs each year.

Along with Meehan, Sunday’s live recording will feature pianist Dasha Bukhartseva, double bassist Nicholas Schwartz, violinist Caroline Goulding, cellist Alina Lim, pianist Sijing Ye, and oboist Xuanbo Dong.

Goulding, a 14-year-old from Cleveland Heights, OH, has performed on both the radio and television versions of From the Top and said it created some of the most memorable experiences in her musical career. On the radio show in 2006, she played a Brahms piece with O’Riley and then performed in an ensemble with banjoist Bela Fleck. She was reunited in September with Fleck for the television show, where the two performed a skit in which she portrayed talk show host Martha Stewart. This time around, Goulding will perform as part of a chamber music group, which will play the first movement of Brahms’ Trio No. 1 in B major, op. 8.

Goulding, who hopes to become a professional soloist and chamber musician, said aside from helping her gain national exposure, the show has facilitated long-lasting friendships with other musicians.

“The great thing about From the Top is that you meet so many great people, and they take you in with open arms,” she said. ” It’s actually very fun, and when you get onstage for the interview, it’s awesome.”