Broadcast Lift 1A sessions |

Broadcast Lift 1A sessions

Dear Editor:

Su Lum’s “wish” (“Strange coincidences may occur,” The Aspen Times, Aug. 5) that new COWOP sessions be broadcast was a great idea! I hope the city pays attention and makes those sessions available on its website.

Why? Well, the 1A development plans are clearly of interest to a lot of people. It sounds like the Lodge at Aspen Mountain will almost certainly go to a public vote. But it seems like a lot of people in Aspen – some six out of 10, according to The Aspen Times poll – have doubts about whether a new COWOP should have been formed.

Others have raised questions as to just how the COWOP group is being constituted. Making the live sessions available on the city’s website increases the chances of more people getting involved in this issue. It contributes to an opened, informed debate. Unless there is something dark to hide, more transparency can only help. It can reduce doubts about the process and improve the public discourse. Who knows, maybe it can even elicit some non-COWOP-generated good ideas!

Alex Biel


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