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Broad strokes

Dear Editor:

A point of clarification is in order concerning Paul Andersen’s column about American Indians on Nov. 23 (“They’re not Indians!”, The Aspen Times). He states, “… ours will be a legacy of shame for having failed the first Americans who are left to struggle, without dignity, on the very fringe of survival.”

Mr. Andersen must be referring to some American Indians who are born, raised and live on reservations, some of whom no doubt “”struggle without dignity, on the very fringe of survival.”

There are, however, thousands of American Indians (both full blood and mixed blood) all over the U.S. who don’t live on reservations and get along just fine as school teachers, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, truck drivers and in just about every other career and profession.

Mr. Andersen would do well to seek out some non-reservation American Indians the next time he wants to write a column about that entire group of people.

Lynn Burton


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