Bringing funny to the Wheeler |

Bringing funny to the Wheeler

Dear Editor:

I found it interesting Friday morning that both Aspen newspapers carried front-page stories about comedy in Aspen without mention of the Wheeler Opera House and its commitment to keeping standup comedy coming to town in 2008.

Comedy is a tough business, whether it’s organizing a megafestival or keeping a club going. It certainly takes hours of research and a good sense of what your community is game for, and all that before you start to crunch the numbers. The Wheeler has been extremely fortunate this year in having a good friend in David Brenner, who helped us put together the four-part “What’s So Funny?” series that has been increasingly well-received. We’ve also had an excellent partner in Rooftop Comedy, a Web-based provider of comedic content that is going through an explosive growth phase. Finally, we’ve had tremendous support from our homegrown practitioners of stand-up comedy, who continue to get better and better, and deserve to be seen.

Here’s hoping that our friend Joe Lang and his associates can come up with a new comedy festival for next winter. But no matter what, the Wheeler will keep plugging away at finding great new talent for what we think is the best house for comedy in Aspen, or just about anywhere.

Gram Slaton

Wheeler Opera House



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