Bring the magic back to the Hotel Jerome |

Bring the magic back to the Hotel Jerome

Dear Editor:

I have a little observation to make regarding the current status of the Hotel Jerome. It seems that the Hotel Jerome has had its fair share of growing pains in the last year. The latest change in management is riding up on a white horse to ramify the current state of this historic gem in crisis.

I have been a guest at the Hotel Jerome and a local in Aspen for years. I have heard other guests comment about the good, the bad and the ugly in regards to this establishment. I was never so disappointed to attend a going away party as for Kevin Siegrist, director of catering and conference services, and it occurred to me that Kevin was one of the only things actually working for the Jerome.

Like most talented people, he got another offer and is now in Arizona. If there is such a thing as a fairy godmother, I would like her to wave her wand and have Kevin return to the Hotel Jerome. The new management could probably use such a talent. It is my belief that the merging of old and new ideas may be the magic that the Hotel Jerome has been missing. If anyone shares my thoughts, please voice your comments on the hotel’s Facebook page or write to the editor.

Heather Cuthbert Lutgring


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