Bring the Broadmoor back

Dear Editor:Aspen is definitely sucking thin air!I’ve been a resident of the valley for almost seven years and I have changed.Moving from sunny catastrophe South Florida, I prescribed at one time to big box, high-density housing, Dunkin’ Donuts (which still is appealing) and many other conveniences I once experienced.I have changed my tune … traffic is a problem, big box isn’t good, high-density housing for some reason cant be designed right … and although the mountain village I moved to has changed … it’s still great!The issue I’m confused about is the Hotel Jerome. Why is that, I ask?After spending a lovely few days in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor Hotel … I can’t figure what Aspen was thinking?The Hotel Jerome had a chance to be preserved as a part of Colorado history with the Broadmoor. Even adding a fourth floor would of been done in taste.Visiting the Broadmoor was a experience of ooohhs and ahhhs. It’s a five-star museum full of history and class!The employees I spoke to were excited about adding Aspen to the fold and were surprised of the sale.I say to Aspen: Convince the Broadmoor back. If money is an issue … find it!The Hotel Jerome is a Colorado historical gem that needs to be saved from the fractional ownership disease.John DeWind Basalt