Bring on the screeching |

Bring on the screeching

Dear Editor:

I’d like to apologize to the GOP for suggesting that Hugh Zuker was one of them. Since Michael Conniff’s edifying letter I’m sure that Republicans up and down the valley are breathing a sigh of relief that the Zuker campaign is not working its sleazy, Nixonian dirty tricks under the banner of the Grand Old Party. Coming from a long line of Vermont Republicans and having a number of Republican friends that I’m quite fond of, I offer my sincere congratulations.

I also want to wholeheartedly welcome any screeching Michael Conniff and the Zuker campaign wants to do at me, as I’m not running for anything. I think it’s great that Mr. Conniff wants to be the G. Gordon Liddy of Pitkin County politics and urge him to keep up the good work. I’m afraid, though, that he may not be doing a very good job of deflecting the conversation away from the fact that candidate Zuker apparently has no control over his own campaign and has shown seriously poor judgment in who he’s staffing it with. If Mr. Conniff and whomever is responsible for the hijacking of Joe DiSalvo’s website are candidate Zuker’s idea of top-quality personnel, then the voters of Pitkin County are left to ask themselves what sort of people he’d staff the sheriff’s department with.

Michael Cleverly

Woody Creek

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