Bring on the B-9 patrol |

Bring on the B-9 patrol

Dear Editor:With the concern over unsecured trash, Aspen police might consider a Nevada project: Instead of patrolling with German shepherds, i.e., the K-9 patrol, the police might use trained bears – a B-9 patrol – to sniff the alleys for exposed and subtle odors. Fining the perps would easily pay for the training and feeding.This little poem might help lift the spirits of the victims of an intrusion.”Bear In There,” By Shel Silverstein:There’s a Polar BearIn our Frigidaire -He likes it ’cause it’s cold in there.With his seat in the meatAnd his face in the fishAnd his big hairy pawsIn the buttery dish,He’s nibbling the noodles,He’s munching the rice,He’s slurping the soda,He’s licking the ice.And he lets out a roarIf you open the door.And it gives me a scareTo know he’s in there -That Polary BearIn our FridgitydaireDavid MulkeyLas Vegas